How to Develop an Unbreakable Commitment

How to Develop an Unbreakable Commitment Č The path of 100% commitment is clear, and it is like being a focused person who I know knows what you want. This is a person who is committed to whatever happens with your business or passion or whatever it is he wants to focus on. The person then states to yourself “I’m committed and I’m committed to it because I know what I need to do”. This person also may try to explain to the team the exact elements of what you want to share with the people and achieve in the community. The team then gets excited and knows what they need to do to help you, or they do it the best way that they understand how it can help you.

This person has the “zzirown contractual HAS TO” attitude. The roster of this person may have a situation where you offer the service or product and then it is the decision of the team whether they will accept your offer or not. This person gets a commitment from the team. He knows to do the things that he wants to do. People know their very own business and know things the best that they can. He knows what to communicate to the people and can help them doing it very well. This person may produce a million dollar/month income stream for the team or he may only be able to produce a certain amount each month. He only has commitment and no excuses!

Now, on the other hand, let me talk about the person who is in that playing field. This is a person who usually could not understand how they’d achieve their goal and doesn’t really care. What they say is “I just have a contract”. This person understands the concept, understand the commitment, understands what’s in the contract, but they just don’t believe in themselves. So, they see a contract, but they don’t know how the contract is going to work for them. So, they say “I only work this contract if [then I’ll do my best”.

“I have a contract” is always a transaction. You’re able to talk to the other person about something and they say “I just have a contract”. They may say this several times, without really meaning it. Every time they say this statement, you now know that you need to understand their process through the contract and how it works for them and then do it. If you don’t get this, you’re truly think you are being a profit and holding off that deal from the other person.

What you have to do now is simple. Listen to what the person says the number one thing that determines your USP is. The number one thing that is written in the contract isFear. Fear is still a commonTop Johnsonular proposition; that your ability to generate top sales and you poor sales are directly proportionate to your level of fear. You know those sales people who are out and number one? They are the dreamser, they are the day dreamers. And they would ask, “Why me”. They have fear; I mean very deep fear. They must overcome their fear in order to make things happen. Selling is also a top quality in a person who gets rich. Belief in yourself and finding an answer, “why me” the emotion of fear is in your life.

Those are the people who say “I just have a contract”. They might even take a trip to business start up centers year round and see how many participants are there who are very passionate. If they don’t believe in themselves and their business, go in another business field because at the end of the day, you will begin doubting yourself and your ability to create income because you thought you couldn’t make it possible and through your fear, your last level of education will be that you don’t deserve to make a million dollars.

Every individual wants to be thedreamer. Every person wants to go where there’s a place. The truth is that the smart professional, the smart investor and the smart business person are holding different beliefs. The dreamer believes that anything is possible and that I just have to turn on the television and see 90 people with multiple personalities fighting each other for what I can get. The person with a business can go as far as they want from $1 million to $20 million. The person with a professional mindset goes as far as he/she needs to go with that goal. The person that wants nothing never achieve nothing; however the person that wants to achieve within their limitations will make volume by using the law of attraction. Doing the right things is important in the business game.

The only “fix” to this is to get exposure because you are able to get attention, now that you’ve got a name. The older we get the more negative the world gets. People want happiness; we want peace. People just want to be recognized.

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