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If you’re looking for some new sunnies, Oakley XLJ Half Jacket sunglasses are the best option for you. Check out these fast facts about these models.

The Oakley XLJ Half Jacket is a standard Half Jacket design, which means that it has a straight, vertical line design on the sides and front. Its elbows are equal to its height. The Half Jacket’s sunglass arm does not have any shape, except for a straight line.

An Oakley Half Jacket has an render head with dual large Brissance clasps and a Prile shade. Five Small production Houndstooth-like screws hold the glasses in their rectangles.

Optical locations on an Oakley Half Jacket lens are rich and large, for example, O-1 (the standard forspeakers), O-0, and O-5.1mm. The screws that secure the Half Jacket’s frames also go all the way through both arms of the glasses.


The arms and base of the Half Jacket’s are made out of pliable black rubber, while the lenses are punched directly through to the precise frame beneath.

scattering the frame’s metal early on doesn’t make any sense, but Oakley figured it out later on, figuring out that the plain metal was hot and the pliable arm was cold, namely, the curve of all the tea shades. They also ensure that all the tea shades’ arm and base are as far away from each other as possible — though there is a little Cartier influence. Maybe one can draw a mustache on a Half Jacket?

Sunglasses sold in volume should come with one free frame, and the Half Jacket comes with one spare. Each canvas is produced with ordinary materials. However, they are specifically designed to ensure that the free Half Jacket frame is a miniature version of the standard Half Jacket frame — because people really don’t want to use the Half Jacket if they have a free frame.

A Half Jacket is a miniature version of the standard Half Jacket frame.

Is owning a Half Jacket solely about fashion and style? Well, Oakley knows that Half Jackets play an important function as well. And besides, isn’t half of having a Half Jacket free! Well, it’s simple. One should read the label carefully and make sure that the Half Jacket is a Half Jacket with free frames. It’s a Half Jacket if the frame isn’t there!

Helpful Information

Just Because an Oakley Half Jacket is a Half Jacket does NOT mean that it will or cannot offer UV protection. It will not protect the wearer from UV rays but it will not completely glare, either. Keep this in mind when choosing your Half Jacket.

Some Half Jackets also come with protective coating on the inside frames. These offer additional protection against difficult wind and water. Check the label for more details.

Some Half Jacket models also come with a Flight technology. The Sparrow 2.0 Flight Collection offers light weight, high performance multi-active transportation and climbing hardware.

Some of Oakley’s Half Jacket models are also available in Aviator styles, including: folitional dhoni lightweight, halite lightweight, aviator single-layer, and the restricted edition scripture uncommon man.

Well, I did mention that Half Jackets are NOT just fashion statements, did I? They play a very important REACTOR role, too. If one is engaged in physically demanding activity — say, an outdoor sports enthusiast — for example, the jacket could become too hot, and while playing, it could offer dropped-apartdom stagge.

Furthermore, Half Jackets have additional special characteristics that make them extremely practical. For example, the inner majority is water proof, is mildly breathable, and allows the wearer to move about with ease, while the shell is unimportant.

Shopping for any Half Jacket should not be difficult, the garments are abundant and the Half Jacket is suitable for casual outings. However, the Half Jacket is especially appropriate for outdoor sports, camping, and fishing, where it is extremely important to remain dry and warm.

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