Choosing Your First Fishing Rod

What Fishing Rod am I going to choose? I think first we need to really evaluate what your intentions are. Are you wanting to fish for just a couple of hours, or maybe year-round? Are you fishing in fresh or salt water? Are you fishing from a pier, canoe or pier? Are you part of a Trekking or Norwich Fishing Community?

The first decision, the one we really cannot hurried, is where to go. Do you want to fish in freshwater, or salt? Do you intend to fish in freshwater on a boat, or salt? Are you part of a Trekking community or are planning to be? Did you read about your intended venue in an earlier article? Have you shopped around properly by trying many rod and reel combinations? There are many excellent rods on the market at reasonable prices. Rod blur combines some of the best rod builders in the industry and a couple of the best rod builders in the world. You will find that at the end of the day many of the rod choices can be quite similar. Rod blur has rod builders from some of the world’s top rod builders. Any rod that features the input of a rod builder with the inputs from renowned rod builder Ron leaned about the industry for many years is going to be a good rod. A good rod combines good technology with the input of an accomplished rod builder.

Rod blur rods are extremely well constructed, and build the confidence of an angler to take what needed practice time and apply it to the stretch of their fishing day. Many anglers that purchase a rod from rod blur develop a good level of confidence in their purchase and gain the dexterity to place a cast well executed. Rod blur is known for the Shimano’s Epsomcell NCS line of rods. The NCS line was founded as a result of an intensive research and development program over a two year period. The result was the lightest rod available. Only 6.3 oz of weight.

Many believe that the lightest rod is not for casting. It is usually the rod with high backbone. This allows a faster pace of the rod, allowing the angler to use the rod without a pause, when transitioning from the technique of platform rods to using a light line. Rod blur rods are perfect for the beginner and the professional angler alike.

In the Norwich, Vermont waters, we use rods that are one third the weight of our conventional rods. The subject is a topic of contention among those making rod blur rods, but for our purposes we will examine whether or not a rod is suitable for our needs. A good example of a rod built for our needs is the Shimano Maponte reel. (See our article on the Shimano Maponte reel)

One gigoot heavy duty rod was used for this article: Easy to cast, works well and is a pleasure to assemble and dissemble. It does shy on the backbone allowing for controlled dismounts and correct set up. It weighs a light tackle (light to medium action) to layback bait and lots of line retrieval.

For example, the Saltiga Magnum is made from braided carbon composite, then braided to inside consolidate then filled with an epoxy resin. The design features a medium action and up to 50 pound test. The Magnum is a high end rod that comes with a rod grip, and is suited for a smaller type angler.

Are there new technologies that came out in rod construction in the last decade? Sure there is. The first pass through the rod blank process yields better durability, strength and performance. That was done before polymers were also inserted to help rigidity of the rod. It should also be noted that shoddy construction of the newer rods ( Amelia, knitting line rods andNetMessage composite rods) can break some of the performance and durability of the older rods.

If you are in the market for a new high performance rod, you better check out a rod from rod blur. The cradle design incorporated into the design now allows stringers to be incorporated into the design. This also allows the reel seat and foot to be incorporated into the design. This also enhances the performance and Ceriphill has to offer when using less diameter line as a given diameter line has a more efficient insulator effect than a thicker diameter line.

In order to get the highest quality rods and other fishing gear in the market, you need to pay attention to the type of material from which it is made, whether it is high-tech carbon fiber as with rod blanks, as opposed to still water polymers. Polymers last longer and are far more durable than carbon fiber. A good rod against a stiff breeze is an excellent item for anglers or for anyone who spends a lot of time out on the water.

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