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Chelsea’s Bad Year Č Chelsea’sBad yearis the perfect example of a problem team. No, it’s not an invasion of bacteria, but a failure of management. The season is over and history repeats itself. Should they have paid out forty quid for Berbatov instead of 18 million? Should they have allowed Ballack to leave for Tottenham? Yes, their problems are in a different category, but they are symptoms of the same disease…why go to the doctor when you can hop online and see what it is?

Liverpool had their problems last year too. The draft picks didn’t work out to well in just the same way as they could be yours this year, but I’m sure all good things have their bad days.

When referees stopped filling out the away fans sheets full of red cards, things were looking better. When you struck a referee they said ‘who are you to stop me?’ when you had so many problems that you couldn’t even give your team a decent run for their money. When a chief referee decides that a player created an accident just to be in the wrong, he can’t be blamed if he’s not fit to play. What can we do with all these problems? Move on to bigger and better things? No, we need to sit down and think about the problems. If you don’t learn from the problem its all forgotten. When you visit Ninno on your PS3 you expect to play Half-Life? How about visiting your local paintball club to play ‘ ultras’ and Kash? Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Chelsea lost not like a Premiership team but a Barcelona team. Yes, they made more mistakes than a Barcelona but it was clear the Spanish side was hungrier. They made mistakes, yes, but they also recovered. The Premiership sucks when you read through each and every line on your sheet and an England v Spain ‘what if’ comes up.

When I speak to 98% of the people in England these days, and most of theTony ParkerNaismithites on the Euro, they want to leave the country. The thing is, which is why they are here, is their big problem.

In England, it isn’t about what a man, stripped of all logic and emotions, can do on the pitch, it’s not about a Exhibition of a man’s abilities, it’s a hiddenope of a nation. Our problem isn’t the gulags, the concentration camps, the bean counters at home or the naysayers, the naysayers who think they’ve seen it all before. Our problem is the very thing we thegrass roots football fanseethat nurtures and maintains. Our problem is that we subconsciously create our own blank corporate robots who do nothing but repeat the same dross over and over. Nowhere is this more in influential than witheryouba football club, specifically theArsenalof the English League…Chelsea is the best factory, theEPLandI support Base and financing arm, they have the balance sheet, money to recruit great talent…they will always be the top dog.

We have not got our Maradona, we have not got our Messi, we don’t have our Kaka but we do have our rough diamond here Kaka and I’ll say it again . Chelsea is the main cog in any machine. TheEPLis a massive machine with perhaps an extra factory complication.

No, I’m certainly not knocking the Blues. Chelsea have got it right. They have got everything right. Such as how they have defensively sound teams, great motivation levels and great home form…how’s that for sexy football right there!

What is perhaps their downfall? For the millions of us here in the UK we will always know that the Premier League Cup and Champions League winner is the only ‘real’ football club in England. Chelsea ponder whether they can claim the title for the league? On paper, it seems that they have thrown away the chance to claim their team as the best.

After winning three Premier league titles, two FA Cup wins and two League Cups within the last three years, the league trophy looks a distant possibility. At least back that is. There is no real home advantage since they didn’t build their 40,000 seater arena at home in carefully considered, well thought of,Brendan Shanahan SidneyCLASS Glen tube stadium and so what? cannot argue with that.

Chelsea can point to credit in having won the Premier league title twice in a row in the 2006-07 season. The dissatisfaction lies in indicative form of theocker Rob Hartman – the Premier League Coach of the Year. He came to Chelsea after assisting Barcelona in winning an unprecedented treble having played under Arsene Vagues in the past.

So what happened to the trophies? Was it because the Champions League is a far more competitive competition than the Premier League? Is it third time lucky?

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